Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Humanity Lost?

Our nation is going through tragic times.

People are been slaughtered on the streets.
In front of dozens of people and on tape.

For this escalation of street butcheries Will we blame the police force, or will we blame the judiciary. Will we blame a former president or the current government?

I wonder when we lost Humanity itself.

Lastnight Hilath was knifed in the neck. His throat was slit wide open. Blood started squirting rapidly. He covered the wound with his hand and ran around, begging for help, pleading, someone, anyone to take him to a hospital. Until a while later, some brave guy, took him to hospital on the back of his motor bike, bathed in Hilath's blood, while others who witnessed the whole thing, fled the scene.

When we humans lose humanity, cctv recording fails, witness statements start contradicting, lawyers fight with their life to save murderers, judges make controversial decisions and politicians make funny and trivial tweets unceremoniously.

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